Russian Documentaries at IDFA

Russian Documentaries at IDFA 22.11.2015 At Festivals
8 Russian documentaries are selected to different IDFA programs, including 5 titles in competition program and 3 tiles out of competition. New works of prominent directors, as well as debut films are going to be presented at the major documentary film festival, which this year is held from November 18 to November 29.

Among the titles from Russia new films of Victor Kossakovsky and Vitaly Mansky, as well as a great selection of works of both experienced and debut directors.

IDFA Festival Selection:

Story takes place during Ukraine crisis, namely its major events - Maidan protests, Russia's annexation of Crimea and the War in Donbass. Main character is Ruslan, a Chechen, fought earlier in the First and Second Chechen Wars. He came to Ukraine to continue his struggle against Russian authorities.
Beata Bubenets, 76 ′, 2015, Marina Razbezhkina
IDFA Competition for First Appearance
Munt 13 Mon 23-11, 22:15
Tuschinski 4 Thu 26-11, 13:30
Tuschinski 3 Sat 28-11, 17:30

The films tells about Russian-operating mine on the Norwegian Arctic archipelago Spitsbergen. And it also tells about miners from Donetsk and Lugansk, who work there.
Ivan Tverdovskiy, 54 ′, 2013, Studio «The point of view»
IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary
Munt 09 Mon 23-11 18:00
Munt 12 Wed 25-11 22:30
Tuschinski 6 Thu 26-11 19:30
Tuschinski 3 Sat 28-11 13:30

A musical documentary about life in a remote place near Vologda in Russia. Music, voices and silence.
Aleksandra Kulak, Yuliya Kurmangalina, Anna Kornienko, 21 ′, 2015, Stereotactic
IDFA Competition for Student Documentary
Tuschinski 3 Sun 22-11 22:15
Tuschinski 6 Mon 23-11 11:30
Tuschinski 3 Tue 24-11 21:45

Here, in Salamanca, the past is more precious then the present.
Ruslan Fedotow, Alexandra Kulak, 40 ′, 2015, Stereotactic
IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary
Munt 12 Sun 22-11 17:15
Tuschinski 3 Wed 25-11 16:00
EYE Cinema 2 Thu 26-11 22:30
Brakke Grond Expozaal Fri 27-11 12:15

An affectionate portrait of two young sisters studying ballet in Saint Petersburg and preparing for an important assessment.
Victor Kossakovsky, 22 ′, 2015, Story AB, Final Cut for Real
 IDFA Competition for Kids & Docs
Tuschinski 6 Tue 24-11 16:15
Tuschinski 5 Fri 27-11 12:45
Tuschinski 5 Sat 28-11 10:30

Over the course of one year, this film follows the life of an ordinary Pyongyang family whose daughter was chosen to take part in one of the famous Korean “Spartakiads”. The ritualised explosions of colour and joy contrast sharply with pale everyday reality, which is not particularly terrible, but rather quite surreal, like a typical life as seen “through the looking glass”. The film portrays North Korea in probably the only possible way: as an unintentional situational tragicomedy. Precisely staged film scenes duplicate principles common for life in “the most beautiful country on the eastern side of the globe”: virtually horrifying selfstaging of the residents’ own lives.
Vitaly Mansky, 106′, 2015, VERTOV
EYE Cinema 2 Sun 22-11 13:45
Tuschinski 2 Wed 25-11 17:15
Munt 11 Thu 26-11 17:30
Brakke Grond Expozaal Sun 29-11 11:00

A melancholy portrait of old women in a remote part of Russia, full of life stories and folk songs.
Galina Krasnoborova, 26 ′, 2015, Vladimir Sokolov for Noviy Kurs Film Studio
Munt 09 Mon 23-11 18:00
Munt 12 Wed 25-11 22:30
Tuschinski 6 Thu 26-11 19:30
Tuschinski 3 Sat 28-11 13:30

After living in Saint Petersburg for 20 years, a scholar of Slavic culture named Marina Albee decides to take a trip inland in her old Volga. She goes in search of the “heart of Russia” on a road movie that implements everything from fairy-tale to music video styles.
Sergey Debizhev, 52′, 2013, Alexey Telnov for St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
Sounds Real
EYE Cinema 2 Tue 24-11 22:00
Tuschinski 6 Wed 25-11 16:00 

Apart from it, Russian Documentary Guild is helping documentaries in Docs for Sale to reach a wider audience. We hope that films in both Festival and Market program would use IDFA as a launchpad for the further distribution and wish all the best to the directors and producers of the films in competition!

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