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Title Film director Duration Year of Production Country of production Production company
Two sides of one horse Tatyana Soboleva 34′ 2013 Russia Tochka Zreniya Studio
THE DAYS OF THE FUTURE BUDDHAS Valeriy Solomin 52′ 2015 Russia “Kino-Siberia” Film Production
Varicella Victor Kossakovsky 22 ′ 2015 Norway / Denmark / Sweden / Russia Story AB, Final Cut for Real
Vivan las Antipodas! Victor Kossakovsky 104′ 2011 Germany / Netherlands / Argentina / Chile / Russia Heino Deckert and filmproduktion
NOT ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER Victoria Lopach 26′ 2015 Russia «Studio Andrey Shemyakin»
The Pipeline Vitaly Manskiy 119′ 2013 Russia, Czech Republic, Italy Vertov. Real cinema, Hypermarket Film, Saxonia Entertainment GmbH
Under the Sun Vitaly Mansky 106′ 2015 Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, North Korea, Latvia VERTOV
The Book Vitaly Mansky 86′ 2014 Russia VERTOV. REALNOE KINO
Credit for murder Vladi Antonevicz 85 ′ 2015 Israel, Russia Vladi Antonevicz for Mockofiction
Traces in the Snow Vladimir Kozlov 63′ 2014 Russia Platzkart Productions
A GENIUS IN A HOUSE OF A PROPHET Vladimir Marin 26′ 2015 Russia NP «С&T»
Independent Yulia Kiseleva 60′ 2015 Russia studio RISK
Wide Embraces (Hugs for Everyone) Yulia Kiseleva 40 min′ 2012 Russia Film and Video Studio "Risk"
Kamchatka - the Cure for Hatred Yulia Mironova 44′ 2014 Russia Saint-Petesburg Studio of Documentary films
My friend Boris Nemtsov Zosia Rodkevich 90′ 2015 Russia, Estonia -

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