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Опубликовано: 14.05.2015

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National Film Centre of Latvia, Association “Ekrans”, European Documentary Network (Denmark), Estonian Film Institute, Lithuanian Film Centre, EsoDoc (Italy), Filmteractive (Poland)
BALTIC SEA DOCS Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries (BSD) is a co-financing forum of documentary projects with significant international potential.
Target audience:
1) filmmakers representing greater Baltic Sea Region and former Eastern Block;
2) filmmakers from other European countries with film subjects related to the Baltic region and former Eastern Block ;
3) Commissioning editors, sales agents and film funds;
4) general public.

Applcation form:

1) 2 days preparatory workshop for 24 documentary film producers and/or directors;
2) 1 day workshop on Innovative Aspects in Documentary Filmmaking –A to Z for multiplatform documentary producers of tommorrow;
3) 2 days Forum – presentation of the documentary projects to a panel of around 16 international decision-makers, followed by one-to-one meetings;
4) 5 days of documentary film screenings for general public and professionals in Rīga and regional centres;
5) Social event – open discussion on media democracy subject

Who can apply:

- Independent production companies from the widerBaltic Sea Region countries;

- Independent production companies fromdeveloping democracies of the former Soviet Union;

- Independent production companies from other European countries if the documentary subject relates to the wider Baltic Sea Region.

Producers may enter up to 3 projects each. Apart from traditional documentaries the BSF also provides a platform for cross media projects and documentary animations. One project may be sent in for selection up to 3 times. Projects pitched in the previous editions are ineligible. Priority is given to projects of potential international interest and having some financial commitment from broadcasters or film institutions.

The electronic Application Form (duly completed), including:

  • short description of the production company, producer and director (all on one page, preferable a Word   document),
  • one page synopsis of the project,
  • one print quality photo representing the project and one of the producer or person(s) pitching the   project,
  • a link to the trailer/visual material of the current project.


Subject  to overall considerations of time, each project may be pitched for 7 minutes, with further time for discussion at the discretion   of the moderators. Each project may be pitched by up to two representatives.   Please, note that the pitch has to be supported with   video clips of your new project (DVD).The presentation of the project should   be done in English (Russian – English translation available on exceptional basis).

In the afternoon of the pitching day (Saturday or Sunday) the producer will have the chance to meet interested commissioning editors, distributors and sales agents (20 min. per meeting).The meetings will be booked by BSF staff.

Parallel to the Baltic Sea Forum, a programme of selected documentary films will be screened at the cinema K.Suns

Контактная информация

Baltic Sea Forum for Docs
Tel: +371 6735 8858
BSD 2015, c/o National Film Centre
Peitavas 10, Riga LV1050

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