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Хренова Дарья Николаевна

Дата рождения: 17.07.1979
город Москва
Профессии: режиссер / сценарист





 Darya Khrenova

Screenwriter, director, tutor, producer


Darya Khrenova is a russian film director  and scriptwriter. She was born in Russia, Moscow, where she graduated from  VGIK  - Russian state University of Cinematography in Moscow 1997. Her tv programmes  are broadcasted on number of TV channels, and films participated in  International Film Festivals. She worked on TV channel  CULTURE  as an author and  director of  weekly tv programs («Apocrypha», «Documentary  camera», «Magic of the cinema») from 1998 to   2008. Then continued in different  tv channels of Russia as a chief-editor:  TVC, REN TV, The First. Darya continued study in Drama laboratory «Cult-bureau» with british tutor Peter Ansorge (Commissioning Edior of Drama at Channel 4, London) in 2013-2014 and was a participant of International  Pitching Forums, as Baltic Forum in Riga, 2016.  Author of  one bestseller (avto-fiction book), short stories, critical essays, reviews. Associate professor of the  Moscow State Institute (University) of Culture from 2009 to 2018. Seria of lectures at Smith College in Amherst, USA (2018). The Head of  MAGIC MOUNTAIN studio from 2014.




- «The Magic Mountain of Vincenzo Bianchi»,  2013, 54 min, Russia-Italy

 Mihay Eminesku Award, official selection 2013, Romania


- «Who will be my husband?», 2015, 64 min, Russia

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/171302951

2 nomination of the Laurel Branch as the best art-movie, 2015, Moscow, Russia

TRT Documentary Award official selection 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

Bosifest official selection 2016, Belgrad, Serbia

prize of jury “Whithout borders” International  Festival official selection 2016, Moscow, Russia

International Documentary Film Festival CineDoc Tbilisi   official selection 2016 Tbilisi, Georgia

Prize for DOP of the “Autumn” cinema festival official selection 2016, Moscow, Russia

- «The last campaign of Baron», 2015, 70 min, Russia

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/145006174

2 nomination of the Laurel Branch as the best documentary of the year,2015, Moscow, Russia

Press prize of Volokolamsk International Film Festival, official selection 2015 Russia,Volokolamsk, etc


- «Pavlensky: life naked», 2016,  71 min, Russia-Latvia

Trailer:  https://vimeo.com/209959386

Nomination for “White elephant”- prize of Russian cinema critics Guild, (2017, Russia, Moscow), 

prize of International Documentary Film Festival  ArtDocFest  (2017, Russia, Moscow – Latvia, Riga), official selection

Kharkiv MeetDocs participant (2017, Kharkiv, Ukraine),  official selection

Ad Hoc: Inconvenient Films participant (2017, Litva, Vilnus), East Silver Market participant (2017, Czech Republic, Jihlava), special screening 

prize of Satellite over Poland”  (2017, Warsaw, Poland), official selection

Gdansk International Film Festival (2018, Gdansk, Poland) official selection 

Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival (2018, Pärnu, Estonia)

official selection

Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos (2018, Bolivia, Sucre) official selection


-«Abduction of Bogdo-khan», 2019, work-in-progress

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/273186455


-«Ghost-train», 2019, work-in-progress

Teaser: https://youtu.be/widDyk7N0qs 




«Magic of the cinema» weekly series, TV “Culture”, 2006-2009

«Documentary  camera» weekly series, TV “Culture”, 2007-2013

«Film chiefs: builders and perestroika-makers» series, TV “Culture”, 2010

Special projects for REN-TV (“I'm not scared”, “Return Point”, 
«To survive in 
megalopolis», etc.), 2009-2012

«Life of wonderful people» weekly series, TV The First,  2013

«Land of  bears», 2018, 52 min   «Great Explaration of Siberia», 2018, work-in-progress     «Way up is closed?» (ecology progect), 2018, work-in-progress


«Who will be my husband?», documentary by Darya Khrenova, 2015, 64 min, Russia

«Pavlensky: life naked», documentary by Darya Khrenova, 2016,  71 min, Russia-Latvia

«Hasret», documentary by Elena Demidova, 2019,  90 min, Russia-Turkey



 “I’ve believed, I believe”, documentary by M.Kosobokova and  P.Zavadskaya, 2017

“Kinoshok” special prize, official competition 2018, Anapa, Russia

“Festival Salón Internacional de La Luz”, official competition 2018, Columbia, Bogota

VOICES, official competition 2018, Vologda, Russia

“Great Message IFF”, official competition 2018, India, Pune

RUSDOCFILMFEST-3W, official competition 2018, USA, New York

REC, main documentary prize, official competition 2018, Sevastopol-Novosibirsk-Saint Petersburg


“Borovsk effect”, documentary by P.Zavadskaya and J.Grebennikova, 2019, work-in-progress

 “Ichthyosaurus”, documentary by N.Krutko, 2019, work-in-progress


-former columnist in periodicals ("The Soviet Screen", "Literary Newspaper", internet platform

‘Culture.rf’) - since 1997 

- the head of the Summer Film Workshop at the Small Academy of Sciences of the city of Simferopol (Crimea) - 2014, 2015

-the head of  Summer Film Documentary Workshop studio of the Summer School (‘Russian Reporter’)  Dubna-Kimry, 2016

-member of  Russian Guild of non-feature films and TV, member of the Union of Cinematographers.   



Режиссёр Продюсер Оператор
Волшебная гора, Этнофонд, Ego-media
2016 г., 71 мин.
Режиссёр Продюсер Оператор
Фонд этногеографических исследований при участии Студии Волшебная гора
2015 г., 64 мин.
Студия Волшебная гора
2015 г., 44 мин.
VIB film / Andrey Shemyakin Studio
2015 г., 77 мин.
Режиссёр Продюсер
ВИБ-фильм, Студия Андрея Шемякина
2013 г., 54 мин.
2011 г., 39 мин.
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