About the Russian Documentary Guild

The Documentary Film and Television Guild is the only professional organization in Russia, which unites filmmakers and television workers (more than 190 people and production studios from all over Russia) specializing in documentary and popular-science films, documentary TV programs and news coverage.

Educational and industry development programs

RGDoc’s activities are aimed at the development of Russian documentary film market. Educational seminars, workshops, as well as meetings and round tables featuring industry representatives are an essential part of RGDoc’s work.

In 2013 RGDoc organized a series of workshops within the framework of the film festivals “Dvijeniye” (Movement), “Budyem jit’ (We shall live), “Saratovskiye stradaniya” (Saratov sorrows).
Together with the Moscow Business Square it also organized a Day of Documentary Films within the 35th Moscow International Film Festival.

Furthermore, RGDoc has become a partner of the International conference DOXPRO and is planning to organize a series of round tables and workshops at the key Russian film festivals and conference till the end of 2013.

As part of the industry development activities RGDoc is also developing specific agreements, provisions and other resource materials in order to help the industry professionals in their activities.

Research of the Russian documentary film market

Research initiated by the Russian Ministry of Culture includes evaluating the current state of the documentary cinema production capacities, distribution and release of documentary films as well as analyzing the existing system of financial support of documentary cinema in Russia.

As a result of this research, RGDoc has accumulated information about over 350 production studios, 200 TV-channels and 50 film festivals dealing with documentary films’ production or showings.

Besides, RGDoc organizes an ongoing rating of documentary films’ releases, which documents the successes of national documentary motion pictures at the Russian and international film festivals, and their showings in the film clubs and on TV-channels.

Distribution of Russian documentary films

Starting from September 2013 RGDoc took the lead in distribution of films that are produced by the Guild’s members, in order to systemize, simplify and improve the process of bringing Russian documentary films to the viewers. This year RGDoc has already initiated several specific projects aimed at promotion and development of documentary films:

-       Talk-show “Doc-show” on “Komsomolskaya Pravda” TV-channel

-       A series of programs “Socialnaya set.doc” (Social network.doc) realized by the “Public TV of Russia” with the support of RGDoc

-       Creating a unified information database on documentary film clubs of Russia

-       With participation of RGDoc creating theme-based tabs “Documentary films” on the leading VOD-services and providing them with the collected content

RGDoc Promo – Russian Documentaries

The Documentary Film and TV Guild focuses on promotion of Russian documentary films at the international markets under the brand name RGDoc Promo – Russian Documentary Guild.

At the end of 2012 the Russian Ministry of Culture proposed financing the promotion of national documentary films on the international level. The Documentary Film and TV Guild became an exclusive executing agency on promoting Russian cinema.

RGDoc’s Delegation represents interests of Russian market at the booths of Ru.C – Russian Cinema – at the world largest film markets - European Film Market (Berlin), MIPDOC/MIPTV, Marche Du Film (Cannes), as well as at specialized documentary festivals and markets - East Doc Platform, Visions du Reel, Jihlava IDFF, Leipzig DOK, IDFA.

As a part of the project, RGDoc organized pitching of the emerging projects and screening of the new and upcoming films within the Russian INPUT Conference. Representatives of Autlook Filmsales, Sheffield Doc/Fest and Sunny Side of the Doc took part in it.

In 2014 RGDoc is planning to expand its presence at the international venues.


Internet Portal RGDOC.RU is an online database and a catalogue of studios, films, and individuals, as well as a access-restricted professional zone, which is available for programmers for international festivals, TV-channels’ representatives and distributors.

The President of the Documentary Film and Television Guild (RGDoc): Evgeniy Grigoryev


Nikita Tikhonov-Rau (Distribution)

Maria Miro (Television)

Nikita Sutyrin (Education)

Georgiy Molodtsov (RGDOC.RU)

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