Russian Documentary Film Market Guide

Russian Documentary Film Market Guide is an initiative, realized by Moscow Business Square, Documentary Film Center and Russian Documentary Guild. Printed versions of the Guide are distributed on the major international film markets by representatives of Russian delegations.

The aim of the Market is to promote Russian documentary industry, as well as to give up to date information to international filmmakers and decision makers about current state of the industry in Russia.

Industry directory is a database with the films and projects, made with the international potentional, which were selected to international film festivals and industrial events. Currently we are working on the screening library, which will allow decision-makers to watch full films and read full project information using the private access area!
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You can download print version of the catalogue from this link (PDF File).

Online version of the catalogue made by Georgiy Molodtsov (VP, RGDoc), Irina Sedunova, Aleksandra Ryseva, Evgeniya Killih.

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