The Blood

About the film

Title: The Blood
Title in Russian: Кровь
Production company: 317 Film
Country of production: Russia
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 59 min.
Web-site of the film:

Film crew

Scriptwriter: Sergey Vinokurov
Film director: Alina Rudnitskaya
Producer: Alina Rudnitskaya
Director of photography: Alexander Filippov, Yuri Gaytsel, Sergey Maksimov, Aleksandr Demianenko
Sound director: Alexey Antonov
Music Olafur Arnalds


For some people in Russia today going to give blood is the only way to make money. The film by Alina Rudnitskaya shows the merry-go-round of life through people and their blood.


An old, beat-up minivan with a red cross on the window is driving around the Leningrad Oblast. It is a Russian “bloodmobile” that sets up a makeshift blood donor station in various public buildings. The minivan is manned by a team of seven people: a driver, a cashier, a doctor, three nurses, and a nurses’ aid. This group drives all over the region buying blood from local people. Blood donations are worth 850 Russian rubles, which is equivalent to approximately 20 EUR. For some people in Russia today going to give blood is the only way to make money.

Blood is its own bizarre metaphorical litmus test. The merry-go-round of life shown through people and their blood. They give blood, and they receive it…
A metaphysical trip into the deepest reaches of Russia.

Festival and awards
Date Festival Form of participation Award
November, 2013 IDFA Amsterdam 2013 Feature-length competition
December, 2013 ARTDOCFEST, Russia Competition Gran Prix
December, 2013 INPUT-2013 Participant
January, 2014 Docpoint IDFF, Finland Work like a charm section
February, 2014 The Russian Film Critics Award "White Elephant", Moscow Competition programme Best Documentary Film
April, 2014 The Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences, Nika Award Competition programme Nominee Best Documentary
March, 2014 DOCUDAYS UA, Kiev Competition programme
March, 2014 Tempo Film Festival, Stockholm Participant
April, 2014 Festival "Movement", Omsk, Russia Participant
April, 2014 IV Russian-German festival of documentary films in Kaliningrad, Russia Participant
May, 2014 Krakow Film Festival Competition programme Special Jury Mention
May, 2014 Festival EDOC13, Ecuador Participant
June, 2014 Gdansk DocFilm Festival 2014 Competition programme MAIN AWARD. THE GREAT GATE OF FREEDOM
June, 2014 Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival Competition programme Main Prize for the Best Documentary
July, 2014 XXVIII Pärnu Film Festival, July 14 - 20th in Estonia. Competition programme
August, 2014 International Festival Window Into Europe, Vyborg, Russia Competition programme Best documentary
September, 2014 International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana Competition programme
September, 2014 Festival "Message to Man", Saint Petersburg, Russia Competition programme
September, 2014 International Film Festival Pacific Meridian Competition programme Special Jury Prize
October, 2014 BFI London Film Festival Competition programme
October, 2014 Astra Film Festival, Hungary Competition programme Best International Documentary Film
October, 2014 Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York Competition programme Grand Prix
October, 2014 dokumentArt, Neubranderburg, Germany Competition programme Grand Prix
October, 2014 Inconvenient Films,Vilnius Competition programme Special Jury Mention
October, 2014 The Contemporary Science Film Festival 360° Participant
October, 2014 EAST SILVER 2014, 18th Jihlava IDFF Competition programme Silver Eye award at the 11th East Silver Market in Jihlava in the mid-length documentary category
October, 2014 CineDoc-Tbilisi - Documentary film festival Competition programme Best Documentary
October, 2014 9 DOCSDF International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City Competition programme Jury Prize
November, 2014 "Escales Documentaires", International Documentary of Creation Film Festival, France Competition programme Special Jury Mention
November, 2014 CAMERIMAGE IFF, POLAND Competition programme Best Cinematography
November, 2014 Minsk International Film Festival LISTAPAD Competition programme Jury Prize
November, 2014 Anthropological Film Festival,Jerusalem Participant
December, 2014 Watch Docs Warsaw HRFF Competition programme

TV screenings
Date TV-channel
January, 2014 24_doc channel
6 January, 2014 24_doc channel
17 March, 2014 24_doc channel
22 March, 2014 24_doc channel


About the film director Alina Rudnitskaya:

Alina Rudnitskaya

Was born 1976 Murmanskaya. obll, Russia. A graduate of St. Petersburg University for Arts and Culture, Department of Film Directing, started her career as an Assistant Director at St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Her first films, “Letter” and “Communal Recidence” were well-received both in Russia and abroad and marked with awards at many domestic and international film festivals.

 Her works has been shown worldwide and got Grand Prixes in festivals such as Leipzig, Madrid, Oberhausen, Zagreb, Berlin, Belgrad, Moscow.


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