Sources of financing & Co-productions

Public support for documentary film production in the Russian Federation is carried out by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The public funding of film production under the Russian law may not exceed 70% of the estimated value of its budget. In specific cases, taking into account the artistic and cultural significance of the film project could be decided about the public funding for "National film" up to 100%.

To obtain public support, Russian producer of the film project should obtain the status of "National film". This status allows using the privilege of exemption from VAT (18%). For submission of documents for public support, the projects should not have the status of "National film", but must meet the requirements for this status.
The status can be granted after the decision has been made for project support.
The status of "National film" must be obtained before the project financing starts.

The state support for documentary films in 2014 – about 500 million rubles
The average amount of state support per one documentary film in 2014 – about 2 million rubles
Documentary films supported in 2014 – up to 240 films


  • Co-production film projects with those countries which the Russian Federation has signed international co-production agreements (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Canada, Germany and CIS countries); 
  • Co-production film projects with the participating countries of the European Convention on Co-Production; 
  • Other projects meet with conditions of the Federal Law #126 dated August 22, 1996 On State Support of Cinematography in the Russian Federation.

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