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The Federal Law on State support of Cinematography in the Russian Federation

The Federal Law of August 22, 1996 №126-FZ «On State support of Cinematography in the Russian Federation».

In 2010 in order to expand opportunities for international co-production with countries that do not have international agreements with the Russian Federation and are not members of the European Convention on Co-production, the Federal Law of August 22, 1996 №126-FZ «On State support of Cinematography in the Russian Federation» was amended in accordance with the film is given the «national film» status if:

  • The film producer is a Russian Federation citizen or a legal person duly registered on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • The majority of film’s authors are citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • The film crew (directors, directors of photography, cameramen, sound engineers, production designers, costume designers, editors and leading actors) includes not more than 30 % of people that do not have Russian Federation citizenship;
  • The film is shot in Russian or other languages of the people of the Russian Federation excluding cases when using of a foreign language is an integral part of the artistic conception of the film;
  • No less than 50% of the film’s estimated cost of film production, printing, distribution and exhibition is done by film companies duly registered in the Russian Federation;
  • Foreign investment in film production does not exceed 50% of the film estimated budget.

The status of national film can also be applied to a film that is produced in accordance with international agreements of the Russian Federation on co-production in collaboration with producers that are foreign citizens, people without a citizenship or a foreign legal person.

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