Colours of Math

About the film

Title: Colours of Math
Production company: EEFilms Ekaterina Eremenko Films
Country of production: Russia, Germany
Year of Production: 2012
Duration: 60 min min.
Web-site of the film:

Film crew

Scriptwriter: Ekaterina Eremenko
Film director: Ekaterina Eremenko
Producer: Ekaterina Eremenko
Director of photography: Ekaterina Eremenko
Composer: Mike Shreder
Video Editor Marat Magambetov
Executive Producer Yuri Chinkel
Post-production Coordinator Yevgenya Lapteva


Math may be sensitive. It also has a taste, colour and sound. It’s tangible so everyone can touch it.


The majority thinks of math as something abstract, complicated and unreachable. At the same time math is a language used by the nature to talk to us. Math can be sensitive. It has a taste and colour. You can feel and touch it…

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