Space Dog

About the film

Title: Space Dog
Title in Russian: Собачий кайф
Production company: KinoArtel
Country of production: Russia
Year of Production: 2012
Duration: 27 min.
Film made with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Web-site of the film:

Film crew

Scriptwriter: Ivan Tverdovsky
Film director: Ivan Tverdovsky
Producer: Yevgeny Kokusev
Director of photography: Alex Mikeladze
Sound director: Ivan Voronin


Recent world statistics show that more than 1000 teenagers died from the “chocking game” in the past 10 years, but this film is about something else.


Sit on your haunches. Breathe deeply as you were a dog. Get up fast. Once you’re on your feet, someone presses hard on your throat. This makes you loose your consciousness. And then you’re dreaming. That is the description of the dangerous thing called "choking game". The film follows a story of an ordinary guy. He goes to school, plays soccer, meets his friends, falls in love. The “choking game" is something he has already forgotten about but today he will play it again.

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