Winter, Go Away!

About the film

Title: Winter, Go Away!
Title in Russian: Зима, уходи!
Production company: Marina Razbezhkina Studio
Country of production: Russia
Year of Production: 2012
Duration: 81 min.

Film crew

Film director: Aleksey Zhiryakov, Denis Klebleev, Dmitry Kubasov, Askold Kurov, Nadezhda Leontieva, Anna Moiseenko, Madina Mustafina Zosia Rodkevich, Anton Seregin, Elena Horeva
Producer: Marina Razbezhkina


During the 2011-2012 Russian rallies ten aspiring filmmakers went out to film every single day of these protests.


The filmmakers have got to film Russian political leaders and those who disagree with the current authorities. Everything is real here. This is a collection of stories, talks, victories and defeats happening just before the presidential elections.  

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