About the film

Title: Linar
Title in Russian: Линар
Production company: Albatross Film Studio
Country of production: Russia, Italy
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 82 min.
Web-site of the film:

Film crew

Scriptwriter: Nastya Tarasova
Film director: Nastya Tarasova
Producer: Irina Shatalova, Nastya Tarasova
Director of photography: Irina Shatalova
Sound director: Nelli Ivanova
Composer Dmitry Selipanov


The story of a little Russian boy who got a heart transplant in Italy. A lot of people were by his side on his long journey full of hardships, except for his mother.


For the first time ever in Russia a child has undergone a heart transplant operation.

Now, while waiting for a donor heart, the 5-year-old boy called Linar had to live with an enormous apparatus on wheels, that constantly piped his blood. Linar lived all alone in the children's ward of the Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Moscow with rare visits from his mother in Bashkiria.

Heart transplants to children have been banned in Russia since 1993. Linar had been waiting for a year to get a donor heart in Moscow, but there were no changes in the legislature. 350 days with a pump had their effect - the boy was feeling from bad to worse. A donor was urgently needed.

The Russian Ministry of Health finally allocated money for the operation abroad. A special plane flew Linar to a small Italian town, where he had to wait for a new heart. He was accompanied by a young surgeon from Russia, Marcel Tagaev, now his guardian. By now they have spent 2 months in the Italian hospital, trying to get used to each other.

One day they learn that a child has died in a car crash. After stating the death of the brain the doctors decide to transplant the childs heart to Linar...

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Festival and awards
Date Festival Form of participation Award
29.04.2013 National FF of Debuts "The Movement" 2013, Russia Competition Special Jury Award
29.04.2013 National FF of Debuts "The Movement" 2013, Russia Competition The Audience Award
2013 XIII Flahertiana IFF, Russia International competition
28.10.2013 East Silver Market 2013, Czech Republic Silver Eye Nominee
2013 Ciné-DOC DFF 2013, Georgia Competition
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 2013, China Competition

Other screenings
Limited theatrical release in "Central House of Journalists", Moscow


About the film director Nastya Tarasova:
Graduated from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (department of directing, workshop of Igor Gelein). Has been working with various studios since 2004, making documentaries. In 2008, founded the Albatross Film Studio.


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