Contact person: Vitaly Mansky
Phone: -
E-mail: artdocfest@mail.ru


Title in russian language: Открытый Российский (Международный) фестиваль документального кино «АРТДОКФЕСТ»
Type: Film Festival
City: Moscow, Riga, St. Petersburg
Head: Vitaly Mansky

About studio

It is the largest festival of documentary films in Russia. Russian-language films that have been shot at any location of the world and not earlier than 18 months before the beginning of the Festival can take part in the competition program and noncompetition program “Sreda”. Only films that have not been shown publicly on the territory of Russia before the “Artdocfest” can participate in the Festival. Every year the registration deadline is September 10th. The Festival is held annually in the beginning of December. “Artdocfest” also has non-competition retrospective programs and special screenings that include films shot in foreign languages. These programs are organized by program directorate and the terms are specified with copyright holders on an individual basis.

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