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Type: Distribution
City: Moscow

About studio

www.net-film.ru is a digital Film Archive with the largest collection of Russian archive footage for Film, TV, and digital production.

Russian Archive Footage
More than 38 000 newsreel series, historical clips, and documentary films in HD and 4K that cover a diverse range of topics and events of the XX century: Russian Empire and the Royal Family, the October Revolution of 1917, World War I and World War II, USSR political leaders, the Cold War, Perestroika and modern Russia, German Newsreels (Wochenschau).

Modern Stock Videos  – www.net-film.ru/footage
A diverse collection of stock footage videos about Russia and the world for video editing. Stock videos in HD and 4K, drone shots, time-lapses.

Our services

We provide all the necessary licenses and usage rights for the content in our collection. Also, we can offer different types of content usage rights for Russian documentaries that are best suitable for your needs: Public Performance Rights, Broadcasting rights, VOD streaming, and other custom licenses.

Footage selection service
Our archive researchers and consultants will help you find and select the footage and historical clips for your film projects. Our footage consultants have participated in dozens of film and TV productions, both in Russia and worldwide. Also, we can offer special conditions for your film project.

Media Asset Management Software Development and AI-based technology solutions for media archives

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