Contact person: Igor Dyubin
Phone: +7 (495) 514-7448
E-mail: info@net-film.ru


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Type: Distribution
City: Moscow

About studio

www.net-film.ru -is a professional digital footage archive. Films and newsreels of Russian Central Studio of Documentary Films, the oldest documentary film studio in Russia, form the basis of our collection for the time being. Replenishment of our funds is expected in the near future.

Documentaries, newsreel and footage, which contained in our archive, cover the period since the late 19th century to present day and illustrate history of the USSR, Russia and other countries. Our collection contains new documentary films and films, which formed the golden fund of documentary cinematograph.

Our services

Delivery of archival materials - footage in a professional quality can be given out on Betacam SP, DVCAM, hard drives, DVD or posted for downloading via Internet in professional formats (Uncompessed 10bit, DVPAL 25, DVCPRO, HD).

Licensing - under agreements with copyright holders net-film provides license for using fragments of documentaries and newsreel as a part of new project, for public broadcasting, for DVD-replication and for other types of rights.

Research services - professional staff will help you find and select newsreel and footage for your project both in our archive and in other film collections.

For private individuals - you can order a film copy on DVD or file for downloading via Internet.


For archives and copyrights holders - if you are a copyright holder we invite you to place your films and footage in net-film digital archive. We are open for negotiations and any proposals and ready to discuss various ways of collaboration.

Studios, production companies - conclusion of the agreement about permanent editorial and archival servicing will allow develop individual prices and help in receiving footage in the day of the request without prepayment.

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