About the film

Title: Katia
Title in Russian: Катя
Production company: Anna Shishova
Country of production: Russia
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 50 min.

Film crew

Director of photography: Sergey Pchelintsev


This is a road movie about one Russian girl. She left everything and moved to India.  There is no stillness in her world. Everуthing is moving. But where and why we don't know.


She has nothing except small bag and tragic story behind. She travels alone around India in searching for good life and the purpose of leaving. But her past always follows her. Who knows weather she will be able to become free of it?

Festival and awards
Date Festival Form of participation Award
29.04.2013 National Film Festival "Dvizhenie" (Movement) Participant
29.08.2013 III Moscow Youth Film Festival "Budem Zhit" Competition programme Best Documentary
06.10.2013 Open Film Festival "Russia" Competition programme Best Director
09.12.2013 The Lavr National Film Festival Competition programme Best art-film
17.12.2013 INPUT-2013
08.03.2014 QUEENS WORLD FILM FESTIVAL NEW YORK Competition programme Best International Documentary Feature and Best Cinematography
24.03.2014 Canadian International Film Festival Competition programme 2014 Royal Reel Award
27.04.2014 Les Journées du Cinéma Russe en Tunisie Competition programme Best Documentary
15.03.2014 Moscow Film Festival 8 Women Competition programme Best Documentary
23.10.2014 VII Russian Documentary Film Festival in New York Competition programme Special Jury Prize

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