About the film

Title: Leninland
Title in Russian: Ленинленд
Production company: The ethno-geograchical research fund
Country of production: Russia
Year of Production: 2013
Duration: 52 min.

Film crew

Film director: Askold Kurov
Producer: Vlad Ketkovich
Director of photography: Askold Kurov, Aleksey Strelov
Sound director: Apostol Sorin
Video Editor Kirill Saharnov


The film tells a story about a modern life of the museum of Lenin “Leninskye Gorky” (Lenin Hill) and its employees.


The Gorky village, Russia, is the place where Lenin had spent his last days, and where in 1987 the biggest and the most ambitious museum of Lenin was founded. The museum had had an amazing success by the end of 90s but soon its popularity have started to decline right after the Soviet Union collapsed. Since then the employees have been dreaming of old days to come back and eagerly saving the flames of revolution in modern Russia.

Festival and awards
Date Festival Form of participation Award
17.12.2013 INPUT-2013 Participant
09.12.2013 Lavr National Award (Russia) Short-listed Best feature television film
15.12.2013 XIX International Film festival Human Rights “Stalker” Competition programme Diploma from the Russian Guild of Film Critics


The ethno-geograchical research fund

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