Men’s choice

About the film

Title: Men’s choice
Title in Russian: Мужской выбор
Production company: Ethnogeographic Research Foundation; co-production Relation04Media, Norway, Illume Fims, Finland
Country of production: Russia, Norway, Finland
Year of Production: 2014
Duration: 67 min.

Film crew

Film director: Elena Demidova
Producer: Vlad Ketkovich, Karl Emil Rikardsen, Pertti Veijalainen
Director of photography: Alexei Strelov, Ivan Finogeev, Elena Demidova
Sound director: Rune Hansen
Editor Elena Demidova


Project about men who to support their families have to leave these families - about shift workers, producing gas on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia


This film tells us three stories about men extracting natural gas in Bovanenkovo on the Yamal Peninsula where the pipeline ​​"Nord Stream" ​starts from​. 

There are three heroes – a young ​ assistant driller,  a ​successful boiler room chief engineer, and ​an old plumber. For all of them ​ ​working  for Gazprom is the only opportunity to earn ​real ​money because there are no high paying jobs in their hometowns so they have been forced to leave their families for a long time to be able to support them. 

These men do their hard work literally on the ​edge of the world. Winter lasts more than 260 days a year, and even locals (the Nenets people) ​migrate to the south during that time. Frost, snowstorms, strong winds and separation from families... ​They have to decide whether  the money is ​worth all the ​family problems they causes. Each of them make​s his own choice.


About the film director Elena Demidova:
Elena Demidova is Russian film director, scriptwriter and producer. She was born in Russia. She graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 1987 and Voronezh State University (The Faculty of History) in 1997. Director’s education: film school “Internews”, Moscow. Her films are broadcasted on number of TV channels and participate and win awards at many International Film Festivals. Participant of Hot Docs Forum, Leipzig Doc Coproduction Meeting, Baltic Forum, Dragon Forum, and Below Zero Pitching Forum.

Selected Filmography: 

Live water, 2006 

International festival of television programs and films “The Golden Drum”, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, 2006, Grand prix 

Ark, 2007 

International Film Festival KINOTEATR.DOC, 2007, Moscow, Russia, prize 

International Film festival Festival “Shakens stars”, 2007, Almaty, Kazahstan, prize 

The multiplication table, 2007 

Short Film Competition "All human beings are free and equal", Goethe-Institute and Future and Remembrance Fund, 2007, prize 

Human Rights Documentary Film Festivals DOCUDAYS, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008, diploma 

Its time to go home, 2008

XVIII International Zolotoy Vityaz Film forum, Lipeck, Rossia, 2009, diplom, 

Internacional filmfestival war cinema n.a. Ozerov, Russia, 2009, diploma 

Mohicans, 2008 

Internacional film festival "Saratov sufferings", Saratov, Russia, 2009, Special prize 

Cranberry Island, 2010 

"Message To Man" International Documentary, Short and Animated Films Festival, 2010, St. Petersburg, Russia, Special Prize 

Open Film Festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia "Kinoshock”, 2010, Anapa, diploma 

Lesha, 2011 

"Message To Man" International Documentary, Short and Animated Films Festival, 2011, St. Petersburg, Diploma 

The international festival of films about human rights “Stalker”, Moscow, 2011, Prize 

Human Rights Documentary Film Festivals DOCUDAYS, Kiev, Ukraine, 2012, prize 

Russian Ecology film festival "Meridian of Hope", St. Petersburg

In 2012 The prize for Best Director XX Russian Film Festival "Window to Europe", Vyborg, Russia, 2012, diploma 

TRANZIT Documentary Film Festival, Poznan, Poland, 2012 Minsk 

International Film Festival “Listapad”, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 2012, in program 

Millenium International Documentary Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 2013, in program 

Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival, Pärnu, Estonia, 2013, in competition 

NAFA Ethnographic Film Festival, Bilbao, Spain, 2013, in competition 

Sasha, Lena and the Iron Dragon, 2012 

Open Russian Documentary Filmfestival “Artdokfest”, Moscow, Russia, 2012, in competition 

Internacional film festival "Saratov sufferings", Saratov, Russia, 2013, prize

International Film Festival "MEDIAWAVE", Budapesht, Hungary, 2014, in competition 

Men’s choice, 2014 

Open Russian Documentary Filmfestival “Artdokfest”, Moscow, Russia, 2014, in competition

About the Producer Vlad Ketkovich, Karl Emil Rikardsen, Pertti Veijalainen:
Vlad Ketkovich was born in 20.09.1971. Graduated Moscow State Teacher Training University, studied at Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors. First filming experiences - visual anthropology: Pigmy people, Peruvian Indians, nomadic Kazakhs, etc. 

As a journalist, published articles and photos at GEO, National Geographic and other magazines. In 2000 founded Ethnogeographic Research Foundation. 

Vlad Ketkovich has participated in number of International Documentary Workshops and Pitching sessions in 2010-2012, like Hot Docs Forum, LeipzigDoc Co-Production Meeting, EURODOC, Dragon Forum, Ex-Oriente Workshop, INPUT, and EDN’s professional events (Tromso, Thessaloniki, Baltic Sea Forum, etc.) 

Vlad Ketkovich is a member of EDN, International Federation of Journalists, Russian Geographical Society and Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio.

About production company Ethnogeographic Research Foundation; co-production Relation04Media, Norway, Illume Fims, Finland:
Since 2005 Ethnogeographic Research Foundation (Ethnofund) has produced more than 20 documentaries (most of them with Russian State support), that are broadcasted on Russian TV channels. Ethnofund has won a number of prizes and diplomas at different Cinema and Television Film Festivals. Starting from 2010 Ethnofund is looking for foreign partners and works with international co-productions. Company’s ambition is to bring Russian directors and Russian stories to international TV and film market.



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