Twice born, twice dead

About the project

Title: Twice born, twice dead
Production company: “Fishka-Film” Studio Ltd.
Country of production: Russia
Year of Production:
Production stage: post-production
Duration: 90 min.
Planned premiere: 2015

Film crew

Scriptwriter: Irina Vasilyeva
Film director: Irina Vasilyeva
Producer: Alexander Radov
Director of photography: Sargis Kharazyan
Composer: Maria Shmotova
Sound director: Andrey Zhuchkov


25 years ago they were not executed by firing squad due to Eltsin’s moratorium on death penalty. Instead they got life sentences.  25 years were spent in waiting for the year 2014 and their official right to get a parole. The hope of coming back from the hell helped them survive. Today film characters are going through an agonizing withdrawal. They see that their hope was vain, and they won’t be let out. Their execution goes on.


10 years ago we started to make this film. Three characters who experienced borderline spiritual experience. The main character – Vyacheslav Sharaevskiy – three years in a death ward waiting for execution turned him, formerly region’s Attorney General, sportsman, atheist, into a true and strong religious believer. Vladimir Ganin, who has never painted before, became an interesting artist. Vladimir Podbutskiy keeps getting married. One more character is Jimmy Boyle from Great Britain, a famous Scottish former life sentenced prisoner. A psychologist and a sculptor worked with him during his time in prison. Now Jimmy Boyle is a world-famous sculptor, a rich and successful person. Though he was only released due to pressure from English public.


About the film director Irina Vasilyeva:
Irina Vasilyeva, film director, scriptwriter 
Graduated from scriptwriting workshop of VGIK (Russian State Institute of Cinematography) (1979).

“Conversations with sages” (2012), GTRk “Kultura”, 4 films, 26 mins each
“Openness to chasm of Dostoevsky” (2013), GTRK “Kultura”, 4 episodes, 26 mins
“Ptirychka” (2013), 39 mins
“Cu-ckoo or Two Woes” (2013), 30 mins 
“Seeking teacher”, Part 2 (2014), GTRK “Kultura”, 4 episodes, 39 mins each

About the Producer Alexander Radov:
Alexander Radov (Velsh)
Graduated from Moscow Automechanics Institute as a mechanic-engineer.
Got PhD at Novosibirsk State University, Applied Sociology, Philosophy, member of the Union of Writers of Russia, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, member of International Academy of Television and Radio, TEFI member.

As a General Producer of “Fishka-Film” Studio, Alexander Radov is one of the leading makers of independent documentary in contemporary Russia. His studio produces over 40 full-length documentary films and TV-programs annually. Over 20 years he produced several dozens of documentary cycles and series (over 500 films and TV-programs), in particular – “Historical investigations,” “Kremlin: history in diseases,” “Adventurers of 20th century,” “Podvorye” (Courtyard), “Seduced by the country of Soviets,” “Seeking teacher,” “Boris Messerer,” “Monologue of a Free Artist” and others.  For over 10 years he has produced series “More than love” at TV “Kultura.”

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