Videos from International Conference DOXPRO-2013

Keynote Inspiration Speech on the Creative Documentary with a Northern Dimension and its commercial potential now and with new platforms.
By Iikka Vehkalahti, Commissioning editor YLE, Finland.
Transmedia. What is it? What is to be thought about from a documentary point of view. Examples.

By Annika Gustafsson Managing Director Boost, Sweden

Crowdfunding. An overview of platforms, what to think about, positive and negative examples.

By Ove Rishøj Jensen,
EDN, Denmark 

Case studies from his own film projects, facing new documentary reality.

By Jaak Kilmi, director/producer from Estonia.
Ideas, structure, content at 24Doc, Internet broadcasting, plans for the future

by Vera Obolonkina, 24Doc General producer, Russia
Documentary Film Center, its initiatives and promotion of Russian documentaries, ideas for the future

by Sofia Gudkova, director of Documentary Film Center, Russia
New structure for documentaries at Latvian Television, opening for independent producers.

By Gints Grube, film director and producer, member of the commission for renewal of LTV, Latvia
Ideas, structure content in the new Lithuanian Film Centre with a special focus on new media.

By Rolandas Kvietkauskas, director of the Film Centre, Lithuania.
The new Russian Documentary Guild and its initiatives

by Evgeny Grigoryev, director and prezident of the Guild, Russia
Debate. Discussion of the themes that have been brought up, structured

by the moderators: Tue Steen Muller, Mikael Opstrup
A fresh and eye-opening look and reflections on documentaries and on the Northern Dimension "from the outside".
By Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir, an actress and theatre director, the former Minister for the Environment in the Icelandic Government
Crossmedia projects. A case study to project "The Wagner Files".

By Tanja Schmoller, Beetz Filmproduktion Berlin GmbH & Co, Germany
Webdocumentaries. A case study to project "Grozny: Nine Cities"

by Olga Kravets, one of the authors of the project, Russia
Debate. Discussion of the themes that have been brought up

structured by the moderators: Tue Steen Müller, Mikael Opstrup
The creative documentary, the new platforms, the institutions... and the film director.
Reflections by Film director - and the former film consultant at the Norwegian Film Institute - Maria Fuglevaag Warsinska-Varsi, Norway
The creative documentary, the new platforms ... and the film producer.
Reflections by Grigory Libergal, producer, curator of Moscow International Film Festival, Russia
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