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Title Film director Duration Year of Production Country of production Production company
THE DAYS OF THE FUTURE BUDDHAS Valeriy Solomin 52′ 2015 Russia “Kino-Siberia” Film Production
May I just be? Matvey Troshinkin 75′ 2015 Russia Ethnogeographic Research Foundation, Reflexion Films
LARISA’S CREW Elena Laskari 62′ 2015 Russia ART-PROJECT FUND
Atlantis of Russian North Sofya Gorlenko 73′ 2015 Russia Sirin Cinema
OK.GOOD Aleksandra Kulak, Yuliya Kurmangalina, Anna Kornienko 21 ′ 2015 Stereotactic
Varicella Victor Kossakovsky 22 ′ 2015 Norway / Denmark / Sweden / Russia Story AB, Final Cut for Real
ProRock Evgeny Grigorev 90′ 2015 Russia “Pervoe Kino” Documentary House
Dance to be alive Sergey Kutsevalov 60 ′ 2015 Russia Delai Film
THE EAGLE'S DANCE Elena Alferova, Victor Aflerov 58′ 2014 Russia Alferov Production
Russian Dream Sergey Debizhev 52′ 2013 Russia Alexey Telnov for St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio

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