Producers of the «You Rock» film are looking for the international premiere venue

26.12.2017 Industry
The «You Rock» documentary was shown in Russia with a phenomenal audience success.
Producers of the «You Rock» film are looking for the international premiere venue
The «You Rock» documentary was shown in Russia with a phenomenal audience success. The box office seems to be very modest - one million one hundred fifty thousand rubles, which is about $20000. But if you understand how this amount was formed, then you can change your point of view dramatically.
The «Pervoe Kino» producing studio independently became the film distributor. The «You Rock» film was shown in Russia only 142 times in 34 cities. In comparison, the Hollywood blockbuster usually is shown up to 200 000 times in Russia. So the difference is obvious.


The «You Rock» average receipts per copy are higher than, for example, the «Star Wars» - 8194 against 7322 at the moment. 

 That means that the halls’ occupancy rate of the «You Rock» film was higher than any other movie with an impressive advertising budget. The film premiere showed the sold out at the biggest Moscow cinema hall – the ‘Karo 11 October’ (1500 seats). Even the general planned showcases often resulted as sold out. 

The director of the «You Rock» film, Evgeny Grigoriev notes: 
"This is an exceptionally and certainly the success made by the audience. Our advertising budget tends to zero. Such occupancy rate of the cinema halls is the result of the ‘word of mouth’ work. Spectators considered it possible and necessary to recommend the film to their friends and friends of friends. All the distribution figures are largely the result of the public and various publications journalists` contribution, as they widely reviewed the film".
All leading editions and film critics have written about the film. Numerous reviews flocked in the social media. That's why immediately after the first wave of distribution, the producers announced that the film will not be available online in the nearest future, but the additional Christmas showcases have been already announced in the cinema halls. 

Anna Selyanina, the film producer sees the reason for such success in the movie itself and in the approach to distribution: 
 «The film devoted to the three young rock bands and a local musical phenomenon – the «Urals` Rock» could not claim the attention of a wider audience. However, already in the title of the film, there was a word-play. In Russian, the word «rock» means not only a musical genre but also the «fate» . The viewer watches the film about young musicians, but recognizes him or herself and relives what had been happening to Russia past 6 years. The film is a mirror for the problems and for modern Russia, for 30-year-old Russians. Cinema hall gathers the people of different generations. For many of them, it was the first documentary they have ever seen. They are surprised to recognize themselves and their friends in the heroes of our history - personal dramas, doubts, the choice problems and so on. Thus, «You Rock» helps different generations of spectators to understand themselves and each other» . 

The film's festival showcases in Russia, brought us the «Best Documentary» award of the «Dvizhenie» (Movement) Film Festival, the second important national film festival (after KinoTavr); the nomination for the «White Elephant»  film critics’ award; and nomination for the Nika Award (one of the main annual national film awards in Russia). And took the 4 place in the top-20 films released in the Russian rental after "Aritmiya", "Manchester by the Sea" and "Tesnota" in the opinion of the authoritative online magazine  Now, the producers of the «You Rock» film are looking for the international premiere venue. The detailed article on the features of the of the «You Rock» film distribution will be published in the Anna Selyanina's column for RGDOC.RU

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