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22.11.2015 At Festivals
Russian Documentaries are widely presented inDocs for Sale program of the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), which this year happens from November 18 to 29.
Russian Documentaries at DOCS FOR SALE
Russian Documentaries are widely presented inDocs for Sale program of the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), which this year happens from November 18 to 29.

For the third year Russian Documentary Guild with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is supporting several national films in IDFA Docs for Sale, as well as helping to promote wider range of Russian documentaries at the event. Also, as a leading industrial organisation, which unites documentary filmmakers in Russia, RGDoc received an umbrella discount to include films to Docs for Sale catalogue, helping independent film studios and distributors to minimise the costs of the participation at Docs for Sale market.

Russian Documentaries at Docs for Sale:

The film is about red algae catcher's work on the Atlantic Coast. For many in Morocco it's the only mean to earn their living. For others - it's natural gelatine.
Evgenia Killikh, 26 ′, 2014, -
Russian North - the most original and the unique part of the cultural and historical heritage of Russia, which is on the verge of total extinction. The unique wooden architecture, peasant way of life, identity, community, religious. What will happen to these treasures tomorrow? Is there hope for a revival?
Sofya Gorlenko, 73′, 2015, Sirin Cinema
Story takes place during Ukraine crisis, namely its major events - Maidan protests, Russia's annexation of Crimea and the War in Donbass. Main character is Ruslan, a Chechen, fought earlier in the First and Second Chechen Wars. He came to Ukraine to continue his struggle against Russian authorities.
Beata Bubenets, 76 ′, 2015, Marina Razbezhkina
The films tells about Russian-operating mine on the Norwegian Arctic archipelago Spitsbergen. And it also tells about miners from Donetsk and Lugansk, who work there.
Ivan Tverdovskiy, 54 ′, 2013, Studio «The point of view»
A peculiar «folk craft» has developed in recent years in Russia: straight-line production of oil paintings which are sold on markets, along highways, at street fairs. The film focuses on a crew of female artists who work in this most popular and democratic genre of decorative art.
Elena Laskari, 62′, 2015, ART-PROJECT FUND
Project about men who to support their families have to leave these families - about shift workers, producing gas on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia
Elena Demidova, 67′, 2014, Ethnogeographic Research Foundation; co-production Relation04Media, Norway, Illume Fims, Finland
Our village has always been a place of exile, a land of prisoners...
Anna Shishova, 49′, 2014, Center of National Films
When the Siberian winter releases its grip every year in May, twenty doctors, mostly women, board a special ship - a floating hospital, leaving their families behind. The ship crisscrosses the Siberian North, bringing medical care to the remotest rural outposts. Locals wait for this ship, for them the doctors are heralds from the big world. And for the doctors it’s an adventure that alters them and that many of them have become addicted to.
Tatyana Soboleva, 52, 92′, 2015, EthnoFund
Eight of the strongest athletes from different parts of the World are fighting for the chance to come to Sochi and win a medal of the highest standard, but before this each of them must defeat the most serious opponent – his own disability. The official documentary of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games «Spirit in Motion» by request of International Paralymic Committee (Germany, Bonn).
Sofia Geveyler, Yulia Byvsheva, Sofia Kucher, 73 min′, 2015, Ostrov Studio «Producing center «VGIK-Debut» (was founded at the first cinema school of the World – State University of Cinematography n.a. S.Gerasimov)
Traces in the Snow is a feature length documentary on Siberia's punk scene in the 1980's. Directed by Russian author and film director Vladimir Kozlov, this first-of-its-kind documentary uses rare footage of Siberian punk legends including Yanka Dyagileva and Yegor Letov, along with contemporary interviews, to recount the story of Siberia's improbable punk scene.
Vladimir Kozlov, 63′, 2014, Platzkart Productions

This year Vlad Ketkovich, Vice President of the RGDoc, is going to present unique catalogue "Russian Documentaries and Film Market Guide 2014-2015", which includes variety of information regarding most recent titles, produced in Russia with the international potential, as well as information about Russian film festivals, production companies, distributors, tv-channels, as well as sources of financing and documentary box-office 2014-2014. The catalogue includes information about the films, which were selected to the market and festival program of Jihlava IDFF and East Silver, DOK Leipzig and Dok Market and, of course, IDFA and Docs for Sale.

If you want to learn more about Russian documentary industry and titles, presented in the catalogue, please contact Vlad:

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