“2morrow" kicks off in Moscow

16.01.2015 At Festivals
From 20 to 25 of January the International Indie Film Festival shows five films about artists and their impact on society.
“2morrow" kicks off in Moscow
This year the festival's programme includes films that take a closer look at the relationship between contemporary artists and society.  

Alena Bocharova and Kirill Sorokin, the festival's coordinators, add: “This year's programme focuses on two things. On the one hand, the films introduce us to the lives of the most interesting people of the century. Without them we can’t imaging our modern society. There are Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, American thinker Susan Sontag and a former mayor of Bogota Antanas Mokus. On the other hand, trough the artists’ lives, these films are trying to show us a bigger picture. The films explore a global problem - that is the relationship between artists and the modern society. The artists are constantly challenging the world and the society they are living in. They are influencing people and processes and as a result of their actions the balance are created. Without this balance the society would be completely different."

To lear more about "2morrow" and its programme, please, click here

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