Russian projects at East Doc Platfrom

24.02.2015 Industry
Three future films presented by Russian filmmakers
Russian projects at East Doc Platfrom
East Doc Platform in Prague, Czech Republic, has chosen three documentary projects pitched by Russian filmmakers. Two of them are under the East European Forum, and one - under the Project Market platform. 

First of all, there is a documentary project “Close Relations - The Ukrainian Crisis, My family and I” by the well-known Russian director Vitaly Mansky. This film will try to show how Ukrainian crisis has affected Ukrainian-Russian relationship.

The director will tell a story of his own family which is also affected by the conflict. That is what Mansky says about his new documentary: “The Maidan uprising of 2013/2014 marked the onset of dramatic change in Ukraine, which of course has affected my family as well. Nobody could imagine that members of the same family will find themselves on the different sides of barricades and become enemies. I will travel to Lvov, to the Crimean peninsula, to Odessa and the Donbass area to tell their story and provide a multifaceted image of Ukraine today." 

Next documentary project is a personal story of a Berlin-based filmmaker Olga Delane. One day Delane's got sick and tired of her German boyfriends and decided to leave Germany for her hometown in Russia. Looking for her Siberian Love the woman will travel to remote Siberian village where during a year she will be "living and sharing her life with the people there, looking for love stories and love itself.” 

The story of “The Last Russian Orca” is in the Project Market platform. This documentary directed by Olga Arlauskas, Nikita Tikhonov-Rau and Gayane Petrosyan tells a story of the smartest sea animals who had been forced to live in captivity and perform at the shows. "Victims of dirty business these freedom loving beings are endangered. Nobody controls this process of extermination. Could it be worse? Yes. In Russia a unique white orca was seen for the very first time in history .Now troops of poachers are expected here to catch The last Russian Orca." 

The selected films will be provided with the script editing consultations, a year-long matchmaking assistance at the leading international film festivals and other initiatives organized by Institute of Documentary Film in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Besides this, decision makers and participants of the East Doc Platform who attended the event would be able to watch new Russian documentaries in East Silver Library. The list of the this year selected films will be publsihed later.

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