Russian Documentary Film Market Guide 2015

06.02.2015 Industry
Russian Documentary Film Market Guide-2015 was published by Moscow Business Square, Documentary Film Center and Russian Documentary Guild in order to promote Russian documentary industry internationally.
Russian Documentary Film Market Guide 2015

Moscow Business Square, Documentary Film Center and Russian Documentary Guild issue an English-language catalogue which includes detailed information about Russian documentary market.

The print catalogue is now being presented at the Berlinale-2015 and its online version is available on Russian Documentary Guild web-site:

Printed version of the catalogue might be downloaded from web-site as well.

Both catalogues include a list of leading international documentary film festivals based in Russia. There is also a list of internationally successful production companies, national distributors, industrial sites, and Russian TV-channels.

Besides this, the print catalogue shares an article which covers two important things such as financing sources available in Russia and opportunities of co-production with the Russian film companies.

The main purpose of the online catalogue is to guide through a collection of films and projects created by Russian filmmakers.

First of all, there are films-participants of the biggest international film festivals. Second, there are several perspective projects that were selected by the experts of The Guild and presented on the Day of the Documentary Films - this Day was organized with the help of Moscow Business Square during the 36th Moscow International Film Festival.

In the near future The Guild is planning to expand and further develop the English web-catalogue. Soon it will open a screening library with the limited access to decision makers: international programmers, distributors and TV-buyers.

The Guild has already developed their Russian-language screening library, and last year the updated system was successfully tested during the selection process of the best films for the “Programme 29” distribution project that was supported by the Ministry of Culture.

In addition, The Guild launches the regularly scheduled newsletters so the subscribers - the key figures of the international documentary market - would stay tuned with the latest news of the Russian documentary industry.

Georgy Molodtsov, Vice-President of Development, The Documentary Film and Television Guild:

“In 2013-2014 we studied the best practices in the field of international promotion used by our colleagues around the world: Poland, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Estonia. For a long time we haven’t had any English-language source that would be sharing the news from Russian filmmakers. Thanks to our business partners - the Reflexion Films Company, Moscow Business Square, Documentary Film Center - and to our volunteers, we've finally brought together this online source that will promote Russian documentaries across the globe and present Russia as a real player of the film industry.”

Additionally to that, the English-language web-site includes a lot of information about the highest-rated documentaries of 2013, news about the latest promotional events organized by the Guild with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

If you’re interested in getting more information about the Russian Documentary Guild and its international promotional branch you can contact us by email:

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