Russian projects at East European Forum

Two Russian documentary projects was selected for East European Forum within East Doc Platform-2014
Russian projects at East European Forum
East European Forum will be held for the 14th time and for the 3rd time within East Doc Platform, organized by Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) in Prague, Czech Republic. After a short preparatory series of workshops, the authors will present their projects to representatives of European and American television, foundations, film festivals, distributors, as well as potential co-production partners.

More than 130 projects were submitted to East European Forum in 2014 and only 8 of them were chosen by the selection committee. Among them - 2 Russian projects.

Lost Children | Потерянные дети

Directed by Olga Arlauskas, Nikita Tikhonov-Rau 

(The film is planned to be released on July 2014) 

This documentary deals with those children who have lost their way, both physically and morally. They are lost because of the age they are living, they are lost in the streets of big cities, and they are ‘hopeless cases’ because of the society that surrounds them, children who have lost hope… 
   Some of them have been thrown in the garbage, others have become ‘wild animals’ (they have lost the ability to talk or to walk); sometimes they are even forced to prostitute by their parents. 
   This is the story of a boy who has grown up in the orphanage; he dreams of finding his parents and making them regret abandoning him. After studying and working for many years he becomes a successful man. When he finds his parents, he discovers they are sick and low. Now it is his parents who ask him for help and not to abandon them.

   The Key to the Clockwork Orange | Ключ для заводного апельсина

Directed by Olga Yakovleva, Grigory Grishin
august 26th studio, Lower Volga Newsreel Studio, 60', Russia 
(The film is planned to be released on October 2014) 

The confrontation between FA and AFA started in the early 2000s. It was a reaction to the appearance of skinheads-nationalists practicing the cult of the Third Reich and aggressively cracking down the undesirable people in Moscow and then in other Russian cities. 

In response, there was formed ANTIFA, the movement which tried to resist the domination of Nazi-skinheads in Russian streets. Its consisted of the young people which sometimes looked like right-wing skinheads and sometimes coming out of their environment. During this youth street war of 2000s dozens of young people were killed, hundreds were set to prison and thousands got injured. 
  Our protagonists are: Moscow antifascist Alexei Sutuga (SOCRATES), one of the leaders of Russian ANTIFA, Oleg Petrov (BUBBLE), the representative of Saratov antifascist movement who was a football fan and became one of the ideologists the Anarchist party "The Independent Action”, Dmitry Semkin (MAMAY), the former "central" of Penza Nazi-skinheads, now moved to Moscow and enjoying the authority of the young generation of Russian National Socialists, and Sergey Vilkov (FUCKER), a former punk and deserved street fighter known for his fearlessness, now a political journalist and one of the ideologists of the movement ANTIFA.War between FA and ANTIFA had no strategy aims or the single command. 
   It was a subculture war the main front of which was music. This war was led by very similar young people who didn’t fit into the social structure of contemporary Russian society. Nowadays, when young people grew up, and the Russian government has conducted a campaign of repressions against both sides, the activity of street confrontation almost came to naught, but the fire didn’t extinguished, it went underground but still proliferating and spreading to new social strata. And what’s important, the matured young people discovered new perspectives and new confrontation means of struggle.The leaders of the street gangs are watching the policy with great interest. 
   They begin to try themselves a new career and “adult” political life with the rich baggage of "military" experience. They are more than demand there. "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess and Stanley Kubrick gets new key impression. However, the development of the political career is only perspective for now. In the short period of time between reckless youth and serious life the main feeling of our characters is nostalgia. That nostalgia is an emotional tuning fork of the present day and our film. 

   Also feature projects from Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Germany will be presented at the Forum.
   The event will take place on March 3-9, 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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