HotDocs, Toronto, screens several Russian films

02.05.2015 At Festivals
Every year HotDocs shows more than 200 films from around the world
HotDocs, Toronto, screens several Russian films
HotDocs is the biggest and the most known Documentary Film Festival in North America. It takes place every year in Toronto, Canada, and shows more than 200 movies from over the world. HotDocs was founded in 1993 by the national association of the independent documentary producers which is called Documentary Organization of Canada. HotDocs is also a venue for the international film market. 

This year “World Showcase” which is the most important event of the documentary filmmaking world includes two films from Russia: there are "Beyond the Fear" and "Strange Particles". Russian film “Conversation” directed by Anastasia Novikova will be screened in the short competition program.

The young physicist Konstantin investigates quantum effects and teaches at a university. Perceiving the surrounding reality through the lens of physics, Konstantin contrasts the classical and the quantum worlds. Konstantin tries to bring something to the people from the «classical world» to establish contact with them. But they do not understand him.
Denis Klebleev, 51′, 2014, Marina Razbezhkina Studio

Beyond the Fear pushes past the sensational headlines to probe the human motivations behind the ultimate act of sin. Frank's final film is an achievement in storytelling that shows not only one man's capacity for good and evil, but mankind's.
Maria Kravchenko, 86′, 2014, Ego Media, Vertov. Real Cinema

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