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Title Film director Duration Year of Production Country of production Production company
The Book Vitaly Mansky 86′ 2014 Russia VERTOV. REALNOE KINO
5 minutes of freedom Ksenia Sakharnova, Kirill Sakharnov 86′ 2012 Russia SugarDocs
Nepal Forever Alyona Polunina 88′ 2013 Russia Non-stop Production
My friend Boris Nemtsov Zosia Rodkevich 90′ 2015 Russia, Estonia -
Boris Nemtsov: Shot In The Shadow of Kremlin Michail Fishman, Milana Minajewa, Ljubow Kamyrina and Stephan Kühnrich 90’ / 52’ / 45′′ 2016 Saxonia Entertainment and Tvindie Filmproduktion with ZDF/ARTE Saxonia Entertainment and Tvindie Filmproduktion with ZDF/ARTE
ProRock Evgeny Grigorev 90′ 2015 Russia “Pervoe Kino” Documentary House
Tomorrow Andrey Gryazev 90/52′ 2012 Russia Cinemacraft
Optical Axis Marina Razbezhkina 90′ 2013 Russia Marina Razbeghkina Studio
PUTIN FOREVER? Kirill Nenashev 93′ 2015 Russia An independent production
The Halves 96 ′ 2015 Russia, France SiberiaDoc, Bathysphere productions
The Tundra Book. A Tale of Vulvukai, the Little Rock Aleksey Vahrushev 102 min′ 2011 Russia High Widths
Pomors Dmitry Vasyukov 104′ 2013 Russia The Russian Geographical Society
Vivan las Antipodas! Victor Kossakovsky 104′ 2011 Germany / Netherlands / Argentina / Chile / Russia Heino Deckert and filmproduktion
Under the Sun Vitaly Mansky 106′ 2015 Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, North Korea, Latvia VERTOV
The Pipeline Vitaly Manskiy 119′ 2013 Russia, Czech Republic, Italy Vertov. Real cinema, Hypermarket Film, Saxonia Entertainment GmbH

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